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  • Welcome to Northumberland Arts Gallery and Shop


    Can't get out to shop? We can help! Enjoy the paintings on this website or on Facebook.

    Contact Northumberland Arts by phone at 905.885.2115 or by email.

    A Gallery volunteer will help you to make all arrangements, including payment, pickup or delivery.

    The easiest method of payment is by cheque, but payment by debit or credit card is an option.

    Gift certificates are available.

     What Would You Like To See?

    C U R R E N T  E X H I B I T I O N

    Collected Works
    Mixed Media

    by Jillian Roos Markowitz

    Gordon Proctor

    August 18th to September 25th

    to the exhibit

    Located at
    8 Queen Street
    in Port Hope, Ontario

    (a few doors north of the Capitol Theatre)

    We feature original artworks and crafts by Northumberland County artists. The Gallery is a not-for-profit corporation showcasing the visual arts. It is volunteer operated and is an affiliate member of  Northumberland 89.7 FM

    This website shows select items which can be purchased
    at the Gallery. 

    New items are arriving every week; however, some items
    on this site may have been recently sold. 

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